event, workshop / 2022
we held a quick-pickle workshop inside a vacant San Francisco saloon. the intention was to bring a little Midwest county fair flair to San Francisco by melding Alex and Hannah’s Michigan expertise with Bay Area produce. by consulting with Jenny Eagleton, local food and wine expert, we collected a vast range of edible textures and flavors for participants to create quick pickles with, from rose water, pink pina, sea asparagus, all the way to habanero, elderflower syrup and Gatorade. the workshop concluded with a competitive judging of pickles by Jenny.

  • COLLABORATORS: Alex Winter, Hannah Winter, Helen Ip
  • JUDGE: Jenny Eagleton
  • 16 MM FILM: Nate Zack
  • PICKLE FILM PROJECTION: Nick Witten, Shiya Wu
  • THANK YOU to Nick Navarro for lending us the beautiful saloon

event / 2020
right before the pandemic hit, we curated an auditory experience inside Wolfman Books to celebrate Leap Day, which occurred on 02.29.20. the initial concept was to curate events inspired by the senses—and auditory was the first sense we kicked off with. and well after March 2020 let’s just say the only sense we had for awhile was dread. super glad we were able to do this before the first lockdown!

each performing group was provided the same prompt—to creatively consider the concept of jumping ahead, or the embodiment of time. the works varied from experimental ambient to a cappella. the event concluded with the audience being led through an a cappella version of “Time After Time.”

  • COLLABORATORS: John Slye, Helen Ip
  • PERFORMERS: amma ateria, bodyworkbodywork, The Queer Choir, Kim Nucci, Brett Lalli
  • THANK YOU to Justin Carder for lending us the bookstore

event, workshop / 2019
inspired by the Bay Area mentality of the 70’s, where people thrived in the DIY movement (there is documentation of people marbling on top of their VW vans), Magic & Pasta put together a marbling workshop where we taught participants how to marble first on paper, then on silk.

a collaborative marbling kiddie pool vat was also setup where people could marble larger garments together. we additionally prepared an optional *surprise* psychedelic tea for participants to supplement the experience if desired.

the backyard venue in which we held the event oscillated between learning space and amphitheatre, with participants bearing witness to the collaborative process at the larger vat.

  • COLLABORATORS: Kendal Kulley, John Slye, Helen Ip
  • THANK YOU Paige & Steven for lending us the amphitheater-like backyard, and Spencer for assisting with preparations

workshop / 2019
Lukas Winkler-Prins, one of the foremost experts on water we know, wanted to take everyone on a creek walk to follow the Codornices Creek through all the urban and suburban sprawl of Berkeley. we offered to host and help!

something that is surprising to many non-water experts is how creeks persist despite the multitudes of human interventions. the workshop began with the inquiry, “what does water mean to you?” 

after the initial conversation, the group then proceeded with some water play activities, featuring a hand mitt hose attachment and water balloons. then the walk to follow Codornices Creek commenced, concluding at Live Oak Park followed by some pizza. 

event / 2019
we turned an under-utilized side alley next to the former Magic & Pasta space into a bowling lane. every participant followed the designated instructions: wear a wig or head piece, and make your own bowling ball. the bowling pins werecomposed of soda bottles, mannequin legs, and Pringles cans.

  • COLLABORATORS: Kendal Kulley, John Slye
  • THANK YOU to Crisco and Home Depot.